Delivery and Return Policy



Our company offers a virtual merchandising service based on stocks. However, some products are not available in stock. If the product is not in our stocks or if it is not in the stocks of the supplier, you will be informed about your contact phones or e-mail that you have recorded on our website. Therefore, it is very important that you complete your personal information. Please make sure that your contact information, especially registered in our system, is eastern. reserves the right to abandon the sale in case the products which are not kept in stock cannot be provided. If this occurs for some products in the basket; the account information is obtained from the customer and the difference occurs within 7 working days following the receipt of the information. If payment is made by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card. cannot be held responsible for any delay due to bank transactions. In general, returns are reflected within 72 hours to credit cards due to inter-bank clearance.

DELIVERY TIME our customers who shop from our site is in the forefront of the safety of our customers. In case of payment by credit card, invoice / payment control is done. If required, your orders are subject to the Bank Security Approval without considering the lower limit. After the checks, you will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail. After these approvals, your order comes to the delivery stage. All this effort lies in the prevention of the credit cards of our esteemed customers by the third party. Therefore, there may be a one-day delay in cargo delivery of the products. When your products are delivered to cargo, they are delivered to you at the earliest 3 days and 10 business days at the latest. The maximum period of 10 days is usually 4 days. Overall we negotiated the company is capable of Aras Cargo delivery products to all corners of Turkey. If you do not have a cargo agent in your location, it is called as Mobile Region and the product is delivered to you on certain days of the week. These fees and lead times are valid for provincial and district centers. We cannot deliver the products to the provinces other than the provincial / district centers and the mobile regions (Village, Mezra, Military Units, etc.) or to request an extra cargo charge.


Orders placed before 1:00 pm on Saturday will be delivered from Monday. All orders placed after 01.00 on Saturday will not be available before Tuesday, as they will be processed next Monday. There is no delivery on Sundays.


If there is no color option in the lower description of the product you ordered, or if there is no preference or explanation about the color as additional information in the order note, the product available in the stocks is sent. Accessories that are decoratively placed on product photos are not included in the product prices. Products with accessories in the product description are specifically mentioned. Accessories without description are not included in the product for sale.


In order for your order to reach you as quickly as possible, please write your address details as open as possible. In terms of safety, the delivery is not made by cargo.



You may want to cancel your order for any reason. You do not need to declare any excuse for this.
In order to cancel, the products must not be shipped. You can only return the goods delivered to the cargo.

For cancellation;

Orders placed before 14:00 on the weekdays until 14:00 on the same day.

Orders placed after 14:00 on weekdays until 12:00 on the next day.

On the weekends and holidays, you can reach us by mail or phone until the first working day following the holidays.


Open the package you received from the cargo handler and check your order.

Please contact us immediately if you see any inaccuracies or omissions.

Do not take the wrong delivery or problem cargo or product.

If you notice the damaged products within 2 hours after receiving your cargo, you will be required to do so.


All products sold on our site are under the guarantee of manufacturers and importers.

How long is the return period?
Generally, you can return your purchased products without using them, without using them and without re-selling the product, you can return it within seven (7) days from the date of delivery.

What are the terms of return?

Below are the items that should be complete for the products you sent to return. If any of these items are missing, the return of the product is not accepted.
. Product invoice,
. Return form,
. The products to be returned within a period of 7 days must be delivered complete and undamaged with the box, package and standard accessories, if any.

However, due to the nature of products and services in some of our categories, different return conditions can be applied. The return conditions of the products that differ according to the general return procedure before buying the product are primarily valid.

The refund will be processed on the day the product arrives. Your reflection period on your account is at the discretion of your bank. The returns made to the credit card shall be reflected to the account within 1 to 3 weeks at the latest and the payments made with the wire transfer within 1 week at the latest.

Some natural health products are not accepted in any way.

How will I refund?

Before sending the product to us, you must provide us with a refund form on this page. After we send you the confirmation of the return related to the return by our technical department, please fill in the return form and send it to us with a Cargo company you trust. You will be notified by phone or e-mail confirmation information. The cost of the shipments made with the cargo companies belongs to the sender. Counter-payment will not be accepted. In case the products coming to our technical service are delivered in accordance with the return conditions, the return of the product amounts will be processed on the day the product arrives.

Which products are returned?

The authenticity, hygienic and re-sellability of the product must be maintained. For this reason, in any way product packaging damaged products, packaging opened, used, in case of return of the product you request us to specify the reason for return the product.

Wage Return Processes?

Returned orders will be returned within 3 business days when the process is approved and the products arrive at our warehouse.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Service fee is not refundable for payment orders at the door.